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Meta Ignite

A creative studio integrating digital fashion and art


In recent years, the fashion industry has shown tremendous effort to digitally transform and adapt fashion in the digital era. Brands are using NFTs and blockchain technology to attract, verify and connect with consumers from all over the world.

Meta Ignite: About Me

What do we do ?

We collaborate with creative designers / artists and emerging brands to create high-value virtual garments to trade in the Metaverse.

We also connect well-known designers and artists from all over the world with crypto investors who wish to own their NFT fashion or art collection.

Image by SIMON LEE
Meta Ignite: About Me

Our Services

Technology Support

We offer free technology support to

  • Artiest

  • Designers

  • Emerging Brands

to create 3D fashion or art pieces and to trade in the digital marketplace.

High Value Design

We offer high-value design to

  • Cryptocurrency investors

  • Individuals wanting to own digital fashion pieces

to enable the creation and ownership of digital fashion pieces. We also provide bespoke services to facilitates the customisation of such pieces.​

To understand more about benefits and how to work or invest with us please click the button below

Meta Ignite: Services

For inquiries or follow-ups

Image by Launchpresso
Meta Ignite: Contact
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