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​Sino-British Fashion Forum (Sep - 2021)

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

In recent years, the development of China's fashion trend industry has become increasingly vigorous. More and more fashion trend companies are going abroad, and Chinese brands are also going to the international market. As a leading country in the global fashion and creative trend industry, the United Kingdom has become one of the important strategic target markets for emerging Chinese fashion companies. However, the epidemic has caused severe damage to the world, and it has brought more challenges for Chinese brands to go overseas and deploy in the international market.

With the vigorous promotion of professional elites in the field of fashion and creativity in China and Britain, the 2021 China-British Fashion Forum, jointly organized by a number of enterprises and institutions in China and UK, will be held on September 15 at 1 pm UK time.

This forum aims to discuss the key issues on building broader and mutually beneficial connections for Chinese fashion and creativity brands, and to improve the international influence in China's fashion industry.

This forum is hosted by London Fashion Ignite and UKIIC Accelerator, co-organized by Fashionabc,China Association of International Trade, Ying De Group, CIDAUK, Fashionabc, Orpiva, Fantasy Inn, Lishui Economic Development Investment Liaison UK, Chongqing Western Returned Scholars Association, with the purpose of promoting business cooperation between Chinese and British fashion creativity in the post-pandemic era.


Professor Yu Xiong, Chair of London Fashion Ignite, Associate Dean International, University of Surrey, Vice President, UK-China Cross-Border E-commerce Association

Mr. Xu Jin, President of China Foreign Trade Society, Ministry of Commerce, Former Minister of Commerce of Chinese Embassy London

Dr. Roseita Royce, President of the British Film Festival and British Fashion Festival, CEO of Big Ben Studios. She is also one of the key producers in Hollywood and the UK with a focus on the international film

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