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Helping fashion enterprises and elite individuals optimise their global ambitions

Through harnessing our deep expertise and experience of the industry, you will receive targeted and practical solutions leading to meaningful results. Contact us now to arrange a meeting.

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About Our Business

We are a London-based fashion consultancy company that optimises fashion supply chains and enables fashion companies to grow sustainably. We offer investment, expert advice and networking opportunities to connect our client with the international market

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Our mission

We target the fashion and creative industries in the UK and China to spearhead the development of fashion innovation and cultivate entrepreneurship.

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Fashion Spreads
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Working with leading professors in the UK universities and established funds, we build strategic investment alliances and manage the investment projects and funding streams of fashion start-ups and businesses.

Our Partners

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Fashionabc use Blockchain and AI tools (main drivers of the 4IR - Fourth Industrial Revolution) in their directory, with the aim to create the most comprehensive search engine for the fashion industry.

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UKIIC Accelorator

The UK International Innovation Centre (UKIIC Accelerator) is an innovation centre that aims to promote in-depth global cooperation. The centre aims to promote cooperation in the field of global innovation and intellectual property protection, to build global innovation network, and to promote the exchange and communication of scientific research personnel. The Innovation Centre deeply connects Sino-British innovation and contributes to the development of emerging technologies, innovative enterprises and talents. The centre promotes industrial integration and upgrading, and aims to form an industrial technological innovation ecosystem with international influence.

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For more than 13 years, CIDAUK has been supporting startups, many of which have grown into multi-million pound companies.

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ORPIVA Is a full service platform and marketplace for brands, influencers and consumers. We match the right influencers to brands, empowering influencers with AI tools to create immersive and authentic Product Experiences. This gives brands deep insights into audiences and what they care about.

Client 3

I&K International

I&K International Limited was established in 2005 and is now one of the leading online hair care, hair extensions and beauty products distributor and retailer across the UK and Europe. Hairtrade provides a wide range of hair extensions products, fake tan hair care and hair electrical brands.

Client 5

Fantasy Inn

Fantasy Inn is a global platform integrating fashion, culture, art and design, and celebrating Oriental heritage.

Client 6

Magna Carta Island International Innovation Centre

Established in 2018 by Mr Chen Yuanfeng and fellow Chinese entrepreneurs, the Magna Carta Island International Innovation Center (IIC) promotes new knowledge, technologies, products and industries, as well as cultural advancements and system innovations.

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