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​2021 China Gift Pop up (Nov - Dec 2021)

As the warm Christmas spirit envelops London, the cold air still holds back the excitement of the New Year. As the lights come on, the Christmas windows in every shopping mall are stunning and Fantasy Inn 2021, the Christmas flash mob, is back once again. London Fashion Ignites together with the Fantasy Inn brings the first winter after the epidemic with the most precious oriental gifts, which not only present the new oriental aesthetics of the best Chinese designers and artists from home and abroad, but also represent the power of Chinese design that we continue to bring into London, UK.

Albemarle Street is located in the West End of London, in the heart of historic Mayfair, and is renowned for its exclusive brands, stylish designs, exquisite jewellery and artwork. As London's most stylish district, Mayfair is like a Gentleman or Gentlewoman with distinctive tastes, elegant and restrained. They love the old money classics as well as the fashion forward niche designs.

A mix of royal residences, art galleries, designer brands and high-end boutiques, Mayfair is synonymous with fashion without limits. Our flash mob is located in the heart of Mayfair on Albemarle Street, next to Cartier and Tiffany & Co, and across the street from the five-star Brown's Hotel. The open floor-to-ceiling windows and two floors of spacious space create the ideal Chinese design showroom, and is bound to become a young and diverse design venue next to the established mall.

London Fashion Ignites and Fantasy Inn which brings together many outstanding Chinese brands and designers, brings 'Chinese goodies' for the first Christmas after the epidemic

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